To Retire or Not to Retire, That is the Question

The WSJ has this insightful article about the differences in philosophy that married couples may have about retiring. What happens when John and Jane have been married 40 years and he wants to keep working, but she’s ready to retire, or vice versa? As the article discusses, things can get dicey, unless couples work together and communicate about their financial and retirement planning needs, goals, and values.

Nobody likes to talk about money: it’s one of those taboo topics in polite society. But financial planning, like estate planning, conversations are crucial for couples to have as they travel through life together. And they’re also good conversations to have if you’re dating or exploring a relationship at some other time in life. If our office can help have a good conversation about estate planning with your spouse, give us a call (913-707-9220) or email us ( to schedule a convenient appointment. You and your spouse will be grateful that you had the money talk and communicated clearly.

(c) 2012, Stephen M. Johnson, Esq.


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