IRA v. Roth IRA

CNBC has this interesting column laying out some rules of thumb to consider if you’re contemplating converting a regular IRA into a Roth IRA. The columnist’s 6 rules of thumb are:

  • Convert to a Roth if you will be in a higher tax bracket later
  • Convert to a Roth only within your current tax bracket
  • Convert to a Roth only in the state you know you will be for life
  • The sooner in the year the better
  • Concentrate the stock positions in the Roth and the conservative positions in the traditional IRA
  • Set up different Roth IRAs at the same time (and use varying investment strategies for them)

What do you think? How does a traditional IRA compare to a Roth IRA? When does a Roth IRA conversion make sense? How have you handled your retirement portfolio?

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