Tax Like its 1972?

Bloomberg provides this interesting article on Summer Redstone’s appeal of the IRS arguing his 1972 transaction was a gift. Some might think that 41 years is a bit late (!) to be challenging a transaction (or collecting tax on it), and many of the lawyers quoted were surprised by the IRS’ claims. It will be fascinating to watch how this case plays out. If the IRS’ argument turns out to be merited (albeit 41 years late), this has ripple potential in the estate planning and tax communities, as attorneys, accountants, and advisors grapple with how to insulate clients (and themselves) from liability decades after the fact.

Stay tuned for updates from the recent 2013 KC Estate Planning Symposium, which I attended last week (25-26 April 2013). This year’s program featured a host of top speakers on topics ranging from grantor trust tax, FLP and other case law updates to special needs trusts, IRAs, asset protection, and Social Security planning.

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