Asset Protection 101

What does asset protection mean? Asset protection is about preserving and safeguarding your hard-earned money and other assets from creditors, divorcing spouses, or others. Asset protection is best done through a trust, an LLC, or a family limited partnership. The key to asset protection is (1) finding a good, protective place and (2) setting up an entity to hold the assets. Missouri was one of the 1st asset protection states in America. Kansas or Missouri residents can set up a Missouri asset protection trust to hold their assets. Kansas law doesn’t allow an asset protection trust, but does allow other trusts. An asset protection trust is irrevocable – a stand-alone entity that must file an annual income tax return. LLCs or family limited partnerships (FLPs) can be used to hold farm land, real estate, stock, the family business, or other assets. A family LLC or FLP must have a valid business purposes, but members or partners may be able to claim some discount off the value of contributed assets – e.g. if you put a minority (say 30%) interest in the family farm or business into a family LLC or FLP, you can claim a discount since your stake wouldn’t be easily marketable to outside buyers.

My law firm, Johnson Law KC LLC, is experienced counseling families and small business owners on using various asset protection tools. If I can help you or your family with your asset protection needs, call (913-707-9220) or email me ( to schedule a convenient, free consultation.

(c) 2013, Stephen M. Johnson, Esq.


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