COVID-19, Estate Planning, and Legal Work

Kansas City is a strong community and we’re overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic together. Law firms are an essential service. We’ve adapted to the coronavirus pandemic (including wearing masks when outside or around other people, working with clients via email, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, phone, or text, and having all clients or witnesses to sign with their own pens, sanitizing plastic clipboards after signing documents), and can do remote signings and notarizations of documents (in Kansas or Missouri). We’re closely following all local and state developments, including shelter in place orders and re-opening rules to ensure we’re serving your legal needs with excellence while protecting your safety. As always, we’re here for you, with reliable, state of the art legal documents, reassuring counsel, and together, we will overcome this coronavirus pandemic and look forward to a bright future together. Call/text me at (913) 707-9220 or email me at and let’s discuss how we can serve your legal needs.

(c) 2020, Stephen M. Johnson/Johnson Law KC LLC


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