Need an estate plan?

CNBC has this helpful article reminding readers that every adult (regardless of wealth or marital status) needs an estate plan. A basic estate plan includes 4 documents: (1) a will, (2) a living will, (3) a medical durable power of attorney, and (4) a financial durable power of attorney. If you’re married, you and your spouse should each have these documents. If you’re a wealthy person or have complex financial holdings, you may need a trust or more sophisticated documents. My firm crafts tailored estate planning documents for you that are affordable, reliable, include cutting-edge provisions standard (like asset protection, probate avoidance, elder law, and digital estate planning), and work smoothly whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad.

My firm has experience working with individuals and families throughout the business and estate planning processes. I’ve enjoyed working with clients ranging from single young professionals who want to plan for the future to business owners with complex trusts and tens of millions in assets. If my law firm can help you or your family with your estate planningelder lawasset protectionbusiness law needs, or digital estate planning, call me (913-707-9220) or email me ( for a free, convenient appointment. I want to make estate planning simple and straightforward to serve your legal needs and help protect you and your family’s legacy.

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3 thoughts on “Need an estate plan?

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  3. Nice comments . I am thankful for the points ! Does anyone know if my assistant could acquire a fillable KS CDL MedCert 1 form to use ?


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