America’s Wealthiest Families

Forbes has a series of articles profiling America’s wealthiest families and offering some useful lessons and insights for the rest of us. The Daily Mail (UK) has this story about Forbes’ series. Forbes profiles Bill Marriott of the Marriott hotel family. And the Waltons, who own WalMart. And the cautionary tale of the Strohs family, who went from having a large brewery fortune ($9 billion) until they tried to expand nationally without the necessary budget and lost it all. Forbes offers this gallery with photos and other vital stats on these American families and businesses. This interesting article profiles the women among America’s wealthiest families. And Andrew Carnegie, who built a fortune and gave it away to build libraries and promote literary in towns and cities from sea to shining sea. Abigail Johnson (no relation), of Fidelity Investments, talks about the values her father instilled in her after founding the investment behemoth.

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