Series LLC 101

A series LLC is a type of LLC, but with a twist that works well for many entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs. A series LLC gives an entrepreneur a corporation’s limited liability shield with a partnership’s pass through tax features with the administrative simplicity of having several businesses under one roof. Instead of having to keep track of dozens of LLCs or corporations across various industries, a serial entrepreneur can create unlimited daughter series or cells under the series LLC umbrella, much like a company having many departments or divisions. Series LLCs are a state of the art business law innovation in Kansas and Missouri, which are novel or unknown to many attorneys and law firms. My law firm has worked with numerous Kansas and Missouri clients to leverage series LLCs to add value and help clients keep their entrepreneurial edge in the business world.

If my firm can help you with your business law, LLC, or series LLC needs, please call or email me at your convenience. My law firmJohnson Law KC LLC, works with clients on LLCs, series LLCs, and business law to help clients take care of their legal needs quickly and inexpensively, and has years of experience counseling clients on a variety of contracts issues. Call (913.707.9220) or email me ( to schedule a free, convenient consultation.

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