Long Term Care Choices

Driving to a lunch appointment with a friend, I heard the wonderful Up to Date program Tuesday on KCUR (Kansas City’s NPR affiliate), an elder law attorney friend gave some great advice to families considering long term care and elder law issues. As our family members and loved ones age, we can support them by having open and honest conversations about long term care and elder law issues and helping ensure their legal affairs are in order to give care and dignity to the final years of life.

The long term care discussion reminded me of this WSJ article. Anecdotally and in my practice, I’ve seen a real mix of retirees selling their homes and downsizing. Some people want to downsize long before they have any serious physical ailments or health related issues. Others may insist on living in their homes until their 80s or 90s, including spending for in-home health care services as needed (an expensive option). Ultimately the question hinges on (1) how much a client wants to stay in their home as their health issues arise and youthful vigor deteriorates, (2) how much in-home care they can afford, and (3) the family’s comfort level with the decision (including proximity to the elderly relative). 

My firm’s estate planning documents (wills/trusts, living wills, and durable medical and financial powers of attorney) include elder law protections standard and can be custom tailored (for free) to reflect a client’s beliefs, convictions, and long term care wishes. Here’s a basic explanation of the core estate planning and elder law documents. If you or a loved one need to consider your estate plan or elder law issues, call me (913-707-9220) or email me (steve@johnsonlawkc.com) for a free, convenient consultation. Our passion and expertise is serving you and your family’s legal needs.

(c) 2014, Stephen M. Johnson, Esq.


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