To Ex Pat or Not to Pat? Surrender Your Passport?

There is a growing trend among Americans to renounce their citizenship, move abroad, and take another country’s citizenship. Most Americans doing this are wealthy, acting in part to avoid high tax bills. But some are average, ordinary Americans who find themselves in tricky situations where being an American citizen may not be wise or prudent. Of course, being an ex pat doesn’t require giving up your citizenship – one can move to London or Paris or another place for months or years while remaining an American citizen. While I enjoy traveling to London, Paris, and other European locales, like many other folks, I’m a proud American citizen and patriot, so I would only recommend a client surrounding their passport and giving up American citizenship in very limited cases.

My law firmJohnson Law KC LLC, is experienced counseling clients from all stages and walks of life on every aspect of estate planning. We can help you answer these questions with confidence and friendly expertise. If we can serve you or your family with your charitable giving questions, please call (913-707-9220) or email us ( to schedule a free, convenient consultation.

(c) 2014, Stephen M. Johnson, Esq.


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