Real Estate


Buying or selling house or condo? Need to rent or lease some land or a building? Will your house pass to your family quickly and easily at your death without the hassle of probate?  You need a good real estate lawyer to help you. Look no further than Johnson Law KC LLC.

Steve Johnson is an experienced Kansas and Missouri real estate attorney who enjoys working with individuals and families to serve all their real estate needs.

Steve offers a diverse array of real estate services customized to your needs for a reasonable price:

o   Deeds

o   Beneficiary deeds

o   Contracts

o   Leases

o   Mortgages

o   Transfer on Death

o   Pay on Death

o   Trustee’s Deed

o   Beneficiary Deed

o   Family limited partnerships (FLPs) and family LLCs

o   Eminent domain

o   Reverse eminent domain

o   Easements

o   Licenses

o   Title searches

o   Contesting real estate appraisals

o   Zoning

o   Landlord-tenant law

o   Evictions

o   Foreclosures

o   Foreclosure defense

Call (913-707-9220) or email ( Steve Johnson, of Johnson Law KC LLC, today for all your real estate needs.


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